Using St. Joseph To Sell Your Champlin, MN Home

Champlin MN is a stunning neighborhood; home to a picturesque landscape that gives the resident a wonderful place to call home. Due to these qualities, the real estate market in the area is well alive with people selling and buying houses in the area.

For home sellers, one tip to securing a buyer for your house is by using the St Joseph statue and prayer. Using St Joseph to sell your home is an ancient home sale practice requesting St Joseph’s aide to sell a home. To start with you will need a St Joseph home sale kit that includes a 3.5-inch plastic statue, a prayer card, and instruction for burying the statue. The method involves burying St Joseph statue head down facing the direction in which you want to move and praying the St Joseph prayer. Preferably the statue should be buried near the sale sign then recite the St Joseph prayer. After theSt joseph statue to sell your home house has been sold the buried St Joseph statue should be unburied and given a place of honor in the new house.
The benefits of this method are several namely;

  • It is cost effective; the St Joseph home sale kit costs less than $10 which makes it an easily affordable kit to acquire. Most hardware stores sell it, I have even seen it at Ace Hardware in Champlin.
  • You do not have to be Catholic to use the method. All you need is to have faith in the St Joseph prayer and the St Joseph statue to get your house sold
  • You do not need a yard to bury the St Joseph statue. You can use a flower pot to bury the statue and brace yourself for new clients.

Having trouble selling your Champlin, MN Home

Try the statue, if you’re feeling like you may want additional advice to sell your home, that you may not be getting from your Realtor® you may be interested in more help than St. Joseph. Reach out to Heidi Herda at 612.807.4858.

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