Simple Curb Appeal Ideas for Sellers

Curb appeal ideas are a great way to add that extra touch to the exterior while selling your home. Curb appeal is one thing that can drastically improve the saleability of your home. That’s something you hear a lot, and there’s a really good reason for it. A lot of people who are thinking about taking a look at your home will drive by it first, to see what they think of it “in person.” If you want buyers to want to come inside, consider these important steps:

Inexpensive Curb Appeal Ideas

Hang up house numbers that are easy to read.
Power wash your walkways and siding.
Plant flowers that bloom and greenery that’s fresh.
Keep your lawn mowed, and re-seed or re-sod as needed to keep it lush and green.
Wash all the windows, especially in the front.
Make sure you keep your porch painted or stained so it looks new and clean.
Outside plant arrangements add a pop of color and are welcoming to potential buyers.

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If it’s not in your budget to spend money on curb appeal, just keep it as tidy as possible. Make sure your yard is well mowed, pick up leaves, weed landscaping beds and trim up any bushes or trees that have become overgrown. Keep the walkway tidy, secure loose brick or pavers that may have shifted over time.

Consider painting your front door, or adding a wreath specific to the season. Make sure that you don’t have peeling or chipping paint around your windows. Not only will the buyer add it to their mental ‘to-do list’ but it could also affect your ability for a broad range of buyers. Peeling or chipping paint on door frames and window trim will either need to be painted prior to closing, or it may exclude the potential for allow FHA, DVA or rural development buyers.seller tips for staging your home

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