How To Remove Odors From My Home

When selling your home you want to make sure that you do an odor check, you get used to the smell of your home, but do you know if it’s good or bad? When you can’t tell they all that nose blind, are you nose blind to the odors in your home?

I don’t know why, but nose blind makes me laugh! Maybe it’s because I create a cartoon image when I think of the words…
When it comes to Real Estate, however, odors in your home is no laughing matter!

The smell of your home might just reach the buyer before they see all the great things you have done to sell your home! The smell of your home can be a major deterrent for a potential buyer AND can also affect your pocketbook.

If you have at some point, smoked in your home, or have had pets, you may want to consider giving the home a fresh coat of paint, replacing rugs and curtains and having your carpets professionally cleaned. Freshly cleaned carpets is a great selling point, and it will eliminate some of those stale odors you may not be aware of.

Don’t run for potpourri, plug-ins or air fresheners, it’s a sign that you’re ‘covering something up’ and it can also cause a reaction to a buyer depending on the sent and strength. The best plan is to eliminate what is causing the odor, open windows to circulate air, clean the ducts and/or purchase an odor absorber instead.

Removing Smoke Odors from Your Home When Selling

Cigarette smoke is very hard to remove from your home, especially if you have been smoking in it for many years.

The best things that you can do to remove some of those odors is to first find a restoration company that offers free in-home estimates. If it’s a hard job, it might be worth it to seek professionals help.

If you prefer to go it alone, you will at least want a professional painter to paint ALL your walls and ceilings with a fresh coat of paint that has an odor sealer already in it. Be prepared, this will likely be expensive as usually a good primer plus at least a coat or two will likely be needed in order to be effective.

Clean, clean, clean… you will want a strong cleaner that is safe on woodwork, as you will need to scrub your doors, windows, baseboards, cupboards, floors and surfaces. Don’t forget your fabrics! Cigarette smoke adheres to all fabrics, that means your clothes, towels, bedding, coats, boxes in the basement, rugs, curtains, furniture, towels and especially your floors. Bagging these items, using a laundromat and removing or buying new curtains and blinds can slowly keep the odors from hanging around.

It’s also recommended that you replace the carpet and pad where the odors remain. Once you have removed the old carpet and pad, it’s recommended that you kilz the subfloor in order to seal in any smoke odors that may remain, don’t forget to carefully paint the tack strip as well.

Don’t do one without the other… painting an entire house, plus the ceilings and replacing carpet is not cheap, however, if you’re planning to do one, versus the other you could just be throwing money away. Painting will freshen the home up for a short time, eventually, the smells will emerge from fabrics and the carpet if it’s not all addressed at once.

Will my home Sell for less if there is Cigarette Smoke in it?

The short answer is yes, your Realtor can give you suggestions on pricing, or they may suggest you offer an allowance for paint and carpet if your budget allows. When it comes to Real Estate, we’re always talking about market value. When a home is in need of more than a cosmetic fix-up or update we would consider that to be valued under market value.

1# You’re limiting your buyer pool. Some people may be allergic to smoke or have never smoked and just don’t see themselves living there.

2# The expense to repaint floors, ceilings and recarpet just may not be in their budget so they can’t make it work.

3# It may appeal to an investor or someone that wants to update/upgrade for a profit. In order to find an investor, there needs to be a some of profit left to make it worthwhile for them to see it as a great buy, the unfortunate thing is they may be looking for a real under market deal to be interested.

4#You get what you pay for, if you’re trying to get a cheap painter and buddy that has installed carpet one time, you may also be wasting your money. Buyers these days are savvy and a professional doing it the right way to seal and eliminate the odor permanently is the way to go. Your buyer will be in and out of the house at various points during the real estate transaction and if it’s a quick paint job and the buyer notices it either during the inspection or during the walkthrough you could have a situation. It’s always best to focus on eliminating the cause, don’t forget opening windows, removing clothes, furniture and fabrics will go along way. Open the windows, clean top to bottom and don’t forget to have the duct work cleaned.

What Can I do About Pet Odors When Selling my Home odors when selling your home

Many of the ideas mentioned above will work also for pet odors. The first thing, however, is to wash your pet, I know, that’s not always the easiest of tasks. If you can’t get them washed up, you may want to try a pet salon if they will cooperate, try a lake or the hose.

Once they’re washed you will want to wash their kennel or crate and any fabric toys or pet blankets or beds they use. If it’s in your budget, the best would be to purchase a new bed or blanket.

Getting the carpets cleaned is also a great option, zerorez has been recommended, but whomever you decide to you should always ask if they specialize in removing pet odors. If your pet sleeps with you, remember to wash bedding, rugs they may lay on and don’t forget to clean your air ducts, hair and pet dander can accumulate and it’s a great thing to mention to a potential buyer that they have recently been cleaned.

If you can remove the pet from the home during the showing that is always ideal. Most people love pets, but some can be afraid of them or allergic. They can also be a distraction to buyers and we would never want your pet to be afraid or uncomfortable with a stranger.

Pet beds, kennels, crates or litter boxes should be in the garage if possible to help with eliminating odors. Again, an odor absorber is best. Very smelly air freshener, candles and sprays can be an obvious sign to a buyer you’re hiding something.

Don’t forget the Diapers! Smells when selling your home

Doublechecking the garbages it the kitchen and throughout the house is a great way to eliminate odors. Don’t forget the diapers! Yes, diaper genies and similar, are supposed to eliminate those odors but it’s best to empty them and tuck the diaper genie in the closet.

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