Your goal when listing your property is to sell your house as quickly as you can with maximum financial gain. That’s reasonable. However, that doesn’t happen as a result of an accident, chance, or luck. There are things you can do to expedite the process of selling your home, and for increasing your earnings. Here are six steps to selling your house.

Find the Right Real Estate Agent

The moment you know for sure that you’re ready to list your house, finding the right real estate agent is critical. The wrong agent can drag out the process with frustrating results. The best agent will guide you along the journey with professionalism, compassion, and expertise.

Interviewing agents is okay. There’s nothing wrong with asking questions that qualify agents for your needs. Ask about the results of their last three transactions: What was the original asking price? How long were the properties on the market? How much did the house sell for when the deal was done? These questions can determine the success rate of the agent in previous sales. Inquire about certifications, specializations, and other qualifications. Select a real estate professional who specializes in the type of property you’re selling, and who is familiar with your area.

The Price is Right

Pricing your house correctly from the beginning plays a significant role in the success of your transaction. If the price is too high, you fail to attract buyers. If the price is too low, you lose money. Only when the price is just right will you find the right buyer. If the price is too high, you increase the risk of having the house remain on the market for prolonged periods of time and lowering the price. Both of those situations can be tragic in home sales.

Staging the House to Sell

When you stage a house, it means that you take the time and energy to get the house in its best condition for showings. Preparing a home for potential buyers to view involves decluttering, depersonalizing, cleaning, repairing, and arranging the property, inside and out, so that it looks its best.

Open Houses and Tours

Showing your house to potential buyers can be stressful. It’s uncomfortable to have strangers parading through your environment openly commenting on what they experience. It can also be awkward for the shoppers who may feel they’re encroaching on your space. It’s a good idea for you to plan not to be home when your real estate agent is showing your house.

Furthermore, pets need a safe place to stay away from home during showings. Pets may experience significant stress by the presence of strangers, but they can also be problematic for house-shoppers who have allergies or low tolerance for inquisitive animals.

Contracts & Negotiations

Best case scenario is when multiple offers come in on your property. Multiple offers allow you the opportunity to pick and choose which offer is best suited to you. However, one offer is all it takes to sell a home. Your real estate agent will help you review offers and lend you his or her advice when negotiating terms. When you accept an offer, you are then obligated to open the home for appraisers, inspectors, and surveyors, and also allow for a title check to ensure your legal right to sell the house without restrictions from tax debts or liens.

Surveys, Inspections, and Appraisals

The surveyor details your property lines. The inspector checks the home for broken systems or damage that may devalue the property, and the appraiser determines the home’s value in the current market. During these processes, if problems arise, you are responsible for repairs or negotiating allowances for repairs with the buyer.

Once all of the steps are finished, you head to the closing table. Close of sale is when all service providers are paid, the title is transferred from seller to buyer, and you relinquish the keys. By this time, you should have all of your possessions removed from the property, and the house should be in excellent condition for its new owners.

Selling a house isn’t easy, but when you educate yourself about the steps and apply yourself to the process, you can experience a positive outcome with minimal stress and maximum returns.

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