Staging your home for sale is the process of making your house as pretty as can be for potential buyers to view. From the outside in and the top to the bottom, your property is cleaned, decluttered, depersonalized, organized, and ready to look its best. You can embrace the task of staging your house yourself, or you can contract a staging company to do the work for you. Whether you stage your home on your own or leverage that task, staging is the best way to help your house sell.

Removing Excess

Decluttering is your first step in staging your house. It’s time to sort through all of your belongings. When you sort, ask yourself if the item is one you’ll use between now and the time you move, if you’ll use it but not until later, or if you’re not likely to use it again. If you need it, keep it. If you’re going to use it in the future, pack it. If you no longer love it, set it aside for a yard sale or donation.

Decluttering also applies to furniture. Keep what you need, but remove anything you can. Too much furniture in a room can make the area seem smaller.


You adore the portraits of your loved ones hanging in your living room, the crayon artwork taped to your fridge, the salt-and-pepper collection you’ve spent years gathering, the religious ornaments adorning your home, and the political items that empower you. But these, too, must go. Buyers want to imagine their belongings in the house, not influenced by yours. Pack these items with care and know they’ll be on display again soon in your next residence.

Apply Elbow Grease

Ugh. It’s time to clean. Not just tidy up, but good old fashioned scrubbing. Bleach those bathtubs. Buff those baseboards. Wash the walls. Clean the carpets. Wipe the windows. Dig deep into all those nooks and crannies, suck up the dust bunnies, and make your house shine. Don’t forget the cupboards and cabinets – and be sure that the under-sink areas are dry. Use your senses. Make sure everything looks spotless and smells clean. Clean sells. Pay attention to kitchens and bathrooms as these tend to be the most important rooms to buyers.

Quick Fixes and Simple Upgrades

Replace cracked electrical sockets or light switch covers. Upgrade the handles and knobs on your kitchen cabinets and drawers. Take down torn screens and put up new. If necessary, paint the walls in soft, warm, neutral colors. Oil squeaky doors. All of these items are inexpensive, simple fixes that can increase the value of your home significantly — not only to potential buyers but during the appraisal process, too.

Curb Appeal

With the inside of your house spic-and-span, it’s time to spruce up the exterior. Curb appeal has a powerful impact on potential buyers. Buyers are either charmed on first glance or become leery of what they’ll find on the inside. Pull the weeds. Mow the lawn. Trim the hedges. Pack away the lawn ornaments. Store the toys. Spray-wash the vinyl siding. Consider adding a few potted plants near the entryway for a pop of fresh color.

It’s the Little Things

When you open your home to house-shoppers, consider placing a plate of fresh-baked cookies on the countertops. Not only do people find cookies to be a sweet treat, but the smell of fresh-baked goods in the kitchen creates a pleasant aroma. If you can’t bake, then a scented candle will do nicely.

Live green plants or blooming flowers are also a nice touch during showings. These embellishments symbolize life blossoming in the space.

When you go to a job interview, or to a special dinner, or want to make a powerful first impression, you dress yourself up. Staging your house to sell is exactly the same premise. Your goal is to have house-shoppers swooning over your environment. Remove clutter. Store away personal items. Clean thoroughly. Apply minor upgrades. Manicure the yard. Then, add little welcoming touches like baked goods and plants. And, talk with your real estate agent about additional tips and tricks for staging your house to sell.

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